The last-minute mixed media canvas...

12x12 mixed media canvas

Text-message conversation with my mother two Fridays ago...

"Can you make an art piece for my colleague's house-warming lunch party on Sunday?"
"Huh? So last-minute? Dunno if I can finish in time. What size? Colour? Theme?"
"Just like the one you taught in class last week. I will get the photo for you."
"What? I don't repeat designs. And that took many many hours over a week...Oh well, I need a good quality photo."

Photo was finally emailed to me late Saturday afternoon....

Now, what do you do when you are crunched for time? You cheat, right? [I really mean, take a shortcut..really...*winks*]

So I distressed a 12x12 patterned paper and adhered to the base of a 12x12 canvas with matte gel. Then I painted the paper with a coat of clear gesso. Afterwhich, I lightened some areas of the paper with watered-down gesso.

After stamping [random text] the edges to add depth and map out my "visual triangle", I adhered mesh tape and applied Liquitex Sand Resin medium and Liquitex Blended Fibers mediums with The Crafter's Workshop stencils. When that dried, I added my first layer of colours with Faber Castell Gelatos.

You can see that the Liquitex Blended Fibers medium gives a very subtle texture [the random arcs] while the Liquitex Resin Sand medium [the area near the mesh tape] gives a more grainy texture. The glittered bits on the top right corner are mica flakes.

Then comes the fun and most time-consuming part...embellishing. I started embellishing this canvas on Saturday night...until I couldn't keep my eyes open [which was like 10pm...yeah, late nights are not my thing...*LOL*]...

Then I woke up at 5am to continue embellishing [okay, I woke up to watch South Park on cable...they show it at odd hours... *winks*]. And finally finished the canvas at 11.30am, took some photos and sent it off with my mother [okay, so I took time out to eat breakfast, worked out, did my laundry, vacuumed the floor before I completed the canvas...hey nothing like last-minute finishing touches, right? *LOL*].

There you have it....the story of my last-minute mixed media canvas. What do you think?

P/s: If you are interested in learning more about how I created depth and the textures on this mixed media canvas, please read this post on The Crafter's Workshop blog - How to create depth and textures.


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How to eat a turtle...*winks*


Okay, the title is a little misleading. It should be.."How to devour a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Krispy Kreme donut...the Yam boys way". *LOL*

Here was the obligatory photo I got from the nephews for the sweet treat they were about to devour...*winks*

I'm not much of a donut person but these were so cute...

Nephew #3 chomped off the left side of the head, along with an eye with his first  bite, giggling all the way.
Nephew #2 ate the back of the head, leaving the face intact.
Nephew #1 took small bites while laughing at his brothers.

Boys will be boys.:)

Playing along with Sketchabilities.


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Quick and easy paintbrush container...a project for Xyron

So Xyron is featuring back-to-school projects all week. As you know, I'm all about getting organized and prettying up containers...so here's a simple paintbrush container. :)

1. Start with a food/storage container.
2. Spray-paint with Krylon silver metallic paint. 
3. Measure and cut lace, then run it through the Xyron 9" Creative Station.
4. Adhere lace to tin, add MT tape to top edge and embellish with pearls, lace trim and bling. 

Even your paintbrushes need a pretty home, right? *winkis*


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A lazy person's mixed media canvas....*winks*


Meet the lazy person's [aka me] mixed media canvas....*LOL* Sometimes when I don't really want to work on an entire background on my canvas, I just use a sheet of patterned paper. :)

The colours on this patterned paper were pretty muted so after a layer of clear gesso [gesso provides the tooth for colorants to stay on the substrate], I added a tea stain wash [yes, I was enjoying a cup of tea!] and then intensified the colours on the patterned paper with Faber Castell Gelatos.

I added some stamping on the edges to create some depth, then embellished with mica flakes, bloom, leaves and bling. The chipboard bird was covered with Liquitex sand resin, coloured with Gelatos and finished with a sprinkling of mica flakes. The "adventure" sticker is from 7 Dots Studio.


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New dress = photoshoot....a layout for Made With Love


Apparently my niece is well-trained in the SOP [standard operating procedure] for new dresses. *winks*

She would get all her "accessories" out and get me to take photos of her. :)

Yep...new dress = photoshoot. *LOL*

If you reside in Singapore, supplies for this layout can be found at Made With Love. :)


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The appeal of mixed media...


The appeal of mixed media for me is the ability to transform mismatched and unrelated objects and make them part of a cohesive art piece. :)

Nuts and washers from old lighting, old telephone cable, button, lace, pearls and fibers all get a new lease of life with gesso and paint....[Can you spot them? *winks*]

I added even more texture and interest with The Crafter's Workshop stencil and Liquitex resin sand medium [the rhombus shapes].

The pops of colour were pulled from a photo of The Gangster Gang [aka niece + nephews]. :)

The objects were adhered with Liquitex Matte Gel and the paints were Daler-Rowney acrylics. 


I had these lovely ladies join me for a workshop on Sunday. Love what they made!


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Posing on the new slide...


So I really love the new slide at the playground because you can fit the Gangster Gang [aka niece + 3 nephews] on it! 

It also gave me a chance to scrap a large photo [8x10]....which was hard since there was so little space to play with. Well, when all else fails, go for glitter! *winks*

Of course, I had to sneak in a tiny photo somewhere...:)

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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Funny story....*winks*


So a couple of Saturdays ago, the nephews had fun at the playground but came home to a real problem....

Here they were...at 6.30pm. Note what they were wearing....

Apparently, my brother's helper brought back all of their clothes the week prior so the boys had nothing to wear after their bath. I had to "loan" them my tightest t-shirts [you know for those occasions when the "girls" need to be showcased...*winks*] which they wore as T-shirt dresses! *LOL*

Playing along with Scrap365.


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Saved by a white pen...


So I've been enjoying working in my art journal every night...throw on some colour and see how it looks in the morning. :) 

Anyway, you know how it is with mixed media as you start layering...

"Oooh....looking so good! I love gelatos!"
"Hmmm...maybe it needs a little something extra...I'll try..."
"Crap! Now it looks like shit..."
"Thank you gesso...now it looks like that mess never happened..."
"Goodbye gelatos, I'm going in with my Neocolor crayons..."
"Oh yeah, this is sooooo much better...I'm so getting in the zone..."
"I think I'll stop now...what the [censored curse word]!Where did that blob come from?"
"Maybe some patterned paper to cover up? 
"That was a good save. It looks somewhat decent again."
"I think it needs a shadow effect...oh, I hate it...but it's a pencil, I can erase it..."
"Damn cheap eraser...I'll just try the smudge look..."
"Now it needs some sort of an outline...aha...I'll try my white pen."

"Why did I go in with the white pen? Now I have to outline EVERYTHING!"
"This is so not happening...I'm calling it a night." [Really sad music plays in the background...]

Next morning...
"Hey, it looks pretty decent."

Yeah, me, the drama queen. [cue laughter]

Happy weekend friends! :)


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